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About us

We are a team with that we follow one goal:to give you a great time in a local where you can feel comfortable to enjoy a high quality food with professional, warm and very pleasant service.

We are the same one: Cal Curt's family, wanting to start a new project: the Xic, a restaurant designed for couples, families, friends, employers ... Everyone is welcome. The Xic gives you a good meal, based on a menu and the meals of the day, always at the best price.

Hope you like it, welcome!

Cal Curt's family


In Xic we know what our customers are looking for, and we are offering the best products and great effort by the people we meet in the kitchen, our chefs .


We have great professionals that make you feel like at home while you are enjoying our meals, wines and champagnes


We are one of the first local service offering tastings every quarter. To learn more you can find us on facebook. In addition, we always enjoy the best seasonal products at the best price (which we call the daily meals).


Thanks to our experience of over 25 years in the restaurant, we know that some things do not change and that the key to good service is hard work and dedication.

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